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As market leaders for Apprenticeships in the Sports and Stadia sector we are here to help you through all elements of the planning, identification, development and implementation of the Levy and your Apprenticeship training programmes.


We are here to:


Provide guidance & tailored advice for your company 
 Support you through preparation and implementation of the Levy 
 Identify and Design programmes that work for you and maximises the value of funding you have access to

Manage Levy/Apprenticeship training payments – whether you are a Levy-payer (e.g. Club) or a non-Levy payer (e.g. Foundation/Trust)
 Identify effective partnership working and how this fits into a holistic workforce training programme 


Deliver the following Apprenticeships to new or existing staff, accessing funding from your Digital Account or from the main Levy pot, whichever is appropriate:






Coach Education 
 Sports Development
 Youth Work
 Admin & Customer Service
 Sporting Excellence
Management inc Senior Management
 Sales & Marketing
 Improving Business Performance
 Teaching and Learning







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